Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Teaching Textbooks Giveaway!

A friend of mine shared this giveaway on Facebook and I was so excited to enter to win a free year's Math Curriculum from Teaching Textbooks. I was planning on switching to TT this next fall for our oldest son to start Algebra 1. I am really curious as to how he does using this new curriculum that I have been looking into for some time now.
If you already use Teaching Textbooks, comment below and let me know how you like it! I look forward to hearing from you!

Use this link to enter!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

November Family News

We had a big job to tackle as a family this month. Since we tore down an existing building which housed our stove/heating system and an old barn we used for storage and as a winter area for goats later in the summer than we had hoped to, it took us longer to build the new structure than we had planned. In October we were finally able to get the roof on with the help for a few days of some other missionary men from the area. But, the walls and ceilings still needed to be closed in and sealed up before the winter weather came our way. This winter weather came to us much quicker than usual with temps in the first week of November already reaching -16 to -20 Celsius and temps forecasted to reach -30 Celsius by the middle of November. 

There were several days when the entire family worked to get the walls up and the insulation in place so that the heating system could be connected and the pellet stove could be used to heat our home. We use an electric system when the temperatures are more mild but the pellet stove was already needed this year with the colder temps. 

Then, as the temperatures dropped more, David, our oldest son, and myself were the ones who spent the final hours connecting the stove and installing the chimney.

One day, after working outside until mid-afternoon, the kids and I enjoyed a trip to the city with Dad. He treated us to dinner and a new dessert treat called "Bubble Waffle"! You choose a chocolate, vanilla, or "classic" waffle with 'bubbles', filling for inside the 'bubbles', choose ice cream or whipped cream inside the waffle, a fruit or chocolate topping, and finally sprinkles or no sprinkles. :) It is definitely large enough to share!

We so enjoyed this Thanksgiving at home with our family. 
We were even able to buy our first whole turkey.

This year's holidays are extra special for our family as this is the last time for a while that our daughter will be able to be home with us for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Because of that, we are trying to "spoil" her a little more while we have a chance. So, that meant that she got her wish of goose meat for Thanksgiving. She was happy! 

Our family minus Dad taking the photo.

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