Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's the Little Things...

...that mean the most", or so the saying goes. On the mission field it is the little things that remind you that God is still with you, near you, carrying you on the days you feel you can't go on.
A great trait of being a missionary wife is that, I think most of us would agree, we are easily pleased.
We get excited over what some would consider every day things.
Sometimes that is simply accomplishing items on a "to do" list in one day!
Sometimes it is finding a special treat (in the form of food or drink) at the grocery store.
Sometimes it is a relaxing day at home with the family sharing laughter that the stress and tension of the week before seemed to stifle.
Sometimes it is a note or card from a family member or friend letting you know they are praying for you.
Sometimes it is a thing, literally. Something special you love or would just simply like to have. A want, not a need. But when you find those "little things" on the other side of the globe from where they would be familiar, it can just completely brighten your day.
For me, if something I love finds its way all the way to Siberia, that is just a special hug from God that makes me smile.

Yankee candles in Siberia, friends!
I would have never thought that they would be sold here, in my world.

Funny thing is, in the States, I never owned one this large. I always thought, they are heavy, expensive, and could get broken in transport. Then, they arrived and are sold at a little kiosk in the shopping mall in the city.
At first, I walked by to check out the price thinking, if they are expensive to me in America, imagine what the cost would be here in Russia! I was right. They were expensive. So, I told myself, I have made it this long without one, no big deal. Then a few weeks later I passed by the kiosk again to find they had lowered the price to two dollars more than they cost in the States! My dear husband told me to pick one out to take home. So, I chose the one in the picture. I remembered a different scent that I loved when we were on furlough but I have a hard time resisting melon scented candles!

Just a simple candle that has already filled our home with a refreshing fragrance, made our church family "Ooh" and "Aah", and reminded me of the great love and affection my Heavenly Father has for me. He cares about the little things that make me smile.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Baptist Missionary Women Blog Hop

I am happy to be participating in the Baptist Missionary Women (BMW) Blog Hop! During this blog hop we are to share five interesting, weird, fun, facts about ourselves. Although I have thought about doing this for my 'About Me' page on my blog, I have never posted facts about myself. So, maybe this will inspire me to post more!

1. My hair is naturally curly.

2. I absolutely LOVE roller coasters. The crazier the ride, the better.

3. I am a Registered Nurse which has turned out to be one of the biggest blessings that I use every day on the mission field.

4. I said I would never be a missionary to Russia. :) Never say 'never'.

5. The chore I dislike the most is washing dishes.

Well, there you have it. Five facts about me. Now I am linking back to the Baptist Missionary Women blog since I am the last blog for you to visit! Thanks for stopping by! Drop in again as I do my best to post some late posts before gardening season arrives!

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