Thursday, April 30, 2015

Extreme temps vs. Rubber

I haven't posted a Frozen Tales post for a while so we thought we would share this pic to show the effects of extreme cold on wheelbarrow tires. The wheelbarrow which this tire was taken from was left outside and had obviously been moved around a bit during the winter months. As a result, the tire cracked open as if it were made out of...well, something less flexible than rubber. 

The cold weather wins this fight!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

We've Come Here to Remember....20 years

Back in August of 1994, I entered the state of Oklahoma for the first time in my life to attend Bible college for one year after completing my BSN in Florida. In my short time there, the Lord allowed several major events to happen in my life which I can never forget. Obviously, one of the greatest joys of my life was found during my time there and that is my husband, David. He having worked at St. Anthony's hospital and me having just graduated from Nursing school provided us with a common thread: the medical field and a strong desire to help those in need. 

 April 19, 1995

The day started as most of them did during my days at Bible college, but it ended as no other day ever had. 
I was in a class when we heard a sound so huge we all knew it had to be a bomb. David was getting a haircut. As soon as the televisions were turned on around the city, the call was put out for all medical help to come to St. Anthony's hospital which was located a few blocks away from the site of the Alfred P. Murrah building. David called in to check on his co-workers and they asked him to come in to assist in the chaos and massive amounts of patients pouring into every door and hallway of the hospital.  I headed to the hospital with two other missionaries and then we parted ways. As I walked through the hospital I felt numb as I passed patient after patient lying on gurneys in every possible corner while doctors worked to remove glass from facial wounds and treat immediate injuries. I was able to see David as he guided a lady who was in shock through the halls to triage. It was a blur but soon after our arrival to the hospital we were told of the second bomb threat and had to evacuate the building to a parking lot from which we could see the hulled out Alfred P. Murrah building. Once we re-entered the building medical personnel were told to head to the cafeteria to be sorted out by profession and wait to see if and when we were needed. Thankfully, with the great outpouring of help, all the needs were filled and the hospital was able to function smoothly helping the victims both at their facility and at the triage set up directly behind the bombing site. 

March 12, 2014

Although we had made many trips back and forth as a missionary family traveling to and from the States, we had not been in Oklahoma since 1998. This furlough we planned to drive through Oklahoma to visit old friends, loved ones, the grave site of our first-born son who is buried there, and the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial. This state holds many painful and precious memories for our family. But after all the stories, we wanted to share this memory with our children.

St. Anthony's hospital today.

Message left by rescue workers on the side of the Journal Records building.

 The difference of lives forever changed.

 ...We will never forget. We simply can't.

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